The smart ADAPTIVE COACHING PLATFORM for mass participation events

It's tough out there. Injuries, kids, holidays, weather, all get in the way of training for sure.

We've been there, so we created InYourStride the ADAPTIVE Training Platform that focuses 100% on getting you to the start line - prepared, motivated and ready to have an amazing race day.

It creates a custom training plan based on your fitness level, target time and your event. You can fit the plan around YOUR SCHEDULE, and then it uniquely ADAPTS as you progress through your own unique training plan.

InYourStride is for runners of all abilities, not just the elite, the ones with dreams born out of bets, fund raising and to beat the middle aged belly. We'll get you there - smiling!


Latest news: V2 in development

We're pleased to announce that we've started development of our web based Adaptive Coaching Engine V2. Due for release in Feb 2016, this second version of InYourStride has a advanced new rules based engine which will feature new levels of planning & adaptability.

Over the coming week's we'll be previewing the features that you can expect from the new version.

V1 on iOS no longer supported

Whilst our team work tirelessly on V2, we've had to make the decision to not continue support for our free beta V1. Current users can continue to use the app, but it is no longer available to download from the App Store and we won't be releasing any updates.

We'd like to thank all beta testers who have given us much needed feedback and we will be offering a free year's subscription to all our early adopters when we release the more advanced V2.